Giant Glorious Standing Flowers Bouquet


When your love and message know no bound! When you really need to stand out, the giant glorious standing bouquet is the perfect choice to make. With 60 gerberas, 40 Chrysanthemums stems and beautiful Gypsophila, you will not miss your message. On request you can also add red roses (check customize section below).


  • 60 Long Stem Gerberas of mixed colors
  • 40 stems of Chrysanthemums  of mixed colors
  • Optional: Red Roses
  • Elite Florist Arranged
  • VIP Delivery Service
  • Additional Options For This Order

    If selected, 37 red roses will be added to the existing design by our florist. We limit the red roses to 37 which is a sweet number meaning: I love you from the bottom of my heart and also to not overcrowd the bouquet. 37 red roses will easily fit the bouquet while leaving enough space fro the flowers to breath.

    • 490 ₨
    • 490 ₨
    • 325 ₨
    • 550 ₨
    • 1050 ₨
    • 1950 ₨
    • 5450 ₨