36 Red Roses Bouquet

An elegant arrangement of 36 classic red roses beautifully surrounded by beautiful Gypsophila to make a bold statement. Three dozen not only says “big spender,” but it also says “I’m head over heels in love” or “I will remember our romantic moments.”

Includes: 36 locally grown red roses, florist arranged and Floral.mu premium delivery service.

This item: 36 Red Roses Bouquet

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Add Additional Roses To Bouquet
Handmade Wooden Box of Chocolates
Note: Actual chocolates used will vary depending on the season but it is always a mixed of high quality chocolates.
Handmade Local Sea Shells Decorative Basket
Decorative Giant Pencil Made of Local Tree Trunk Wood
A Teddy Bear
Note: Size approx. 30cm - Model and color may vary depending on season & stock availability.
Local Handcrafted Set of Fragrance Soaps
Handmade Wooden Box of Love Candles

Out of stock

Non Alcoholic Bottle of Champagne
Add A Bottle of Classy Red, White or Rosé Wine
Add A Bottle of Premium Imported Gin (Alcoholic Drink)
Add A Surprise Pamper Bag (1 Champagne + 1 Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates + 1 Perfume Set by UDV)
UDV perfume set will be based on available stock and adapted to "for men" or "for women" based on recipient gender.
Add A Surprise Pamper Bag PLUS (1 Bottle of Wine + 1 Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates + 1 Premium Perfume from Mado)
Perfume is from one of these brands: Dior, Invictus, Lacoste, Azzaro or Dolce & Gabbana. Will be adapted to "for men" or "for women" based on recipient gender.

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Sales & Delivery Terms

1. Please note that we only uses locally grown flowers in our mission to support local growers. Our flowers are partly from our own private garden and also from other vetted growers from Mauritius who uses minimal amount of pesticides. We are a 100% Mauritian company and all bouquet are made either by our in house expert florists or our partnered professional local florists depending on design and bouquet chosen.

2. A bouquet being a work of art, cannot be replicated exactly as in the pictures used for illustration on this website. Our florists will however try their best to keep up the composition. Pictures used on this website are of our own delivered bouquets but they are used for illustration purposes only.

3. Flowers may be replaced with similar ones or alternative colors depending on availability and season.

4. Wrapping and ribbon color may vary depending on stock at time of purchase but is always either of the combinations shown on this page.

5. Please order at least 24 hours in advance to ensure on time delivery.